Book Review: ‘It’s Always The Husband’ Is A Thriller With A Twist Ending

A dark bridge and someone is murdered and we’re off in the new book by Michele Campbell It’s Always The Husband (St. Martin’s Press; May 16). A thriller that has twists and turns with a surprise, twist ending.

Three girls from different walks of live become roommates in their first year of college in a small college town. Kate is a rich spoiled brat. Aubrey comes from a broken home and is a bit of a shut in. Jenny is the all american girl. We follow their lives through college and get to know them intimately. When Lucas, who’s been dating Kate, is found dead, it creates an unbreakable bond and secret between the three girls.

Twenty years later Kate returns to town married to her old college boyfriend Griff. Jenny is married and is the mayor. Aubrey is also married to a doctor and living in town. When shocking secrets come out it causes one of them their live and who may or not be the murdered.

A story of friendship, love and hate spanning over twenty years in this compelling, gripping novel with twists you don’t see coming.

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