Book Review: ‘Ally Hughes Has Sex Sometimes’

An older woman and a younger man makes for tough, yet fun times.

Professor Ally Hughes is 31 years old and has an 11 year old daughter. When a 21 year old student named Jake stops by to ask about his grade and papers, she never imagined he would change her life forever. He is a very good looking man with a charming personality. He’s also handy with fixing things and she needs work done around her house.

When he comes to do the work he ends up seducing her and they spend a weekend having sex (her first time in years). Her daughter is away and she feels weird doing this (worried about her job among other things). Jake had quit school a few days earlier, so technically he wasn’t her student anymore. He leads her on a wild adventure, which she is loving but also worried about. He brings her to new heights sexually.

Fast forward ten years and her daughter Lizzie (who’s trying to become an actress) brings home dashing movie star Noah for dinner (who she likes). Turns out Noah and Ally know each other. It’s Jake under a different name for professional reasons. Ally is taken aback and gets through the evening. Soon Noah/Jake turns up at her house and they rekindle what they had 10 years earlier.

The books goes back and forth between 10 years ago and today. There’s a lot going on in Ally and her daughter Lizzie’s life. She is torn between the way she feels about Jake and the great sex and being a good mother to her 21 year old daughter. Can Ally let herself go and be happy with Jake/Noah?

The debut novel from former TV writer Jules Moulin is a fun, delightful read. I could see this as a series on HBO or Showtime.

You can pick it up in stores now.

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