Book Review: ‘All That Heaven Allows: A Biography Of Rock Hudson’ Is A Great Look At His Life

Rock Hudson is an icon in the entertainment industry. He was a big time movie star starring in Giant, a string of comedies with Doris Day and a TV star with McMillan & Wife. But there was a lot more to him than acting. He was secretly gay in a time when you shouldn’t/couldn’t come out. Some people knew he was but it was kept very quiet. He even had a marriage that didn’t work very well. He worked hard to make his career and to keep his secret.

Now in the new book All That Heaven Allows, author Mark Griffin looks at the man, the icon and heartthrob from all angels. The book looks at his life from the time he was born and how his family lost everything and had to move in with grandparents into a crowded house. How his dad left them at a young age. His mother’s abusive boyfriend/new husband. How he got into acting and got the name Rock Hudson. The powerful gay manager that would own you and use you for sex. The man who took a chance on him acting when he was so green. There’s lots of great stories about his career, interviews and quotes with the people that knew him best.

It goes into full details about his personal life and various relationships, his finding out he had aids and how he turned into more of an icon when it came out and opened the world to dangers of the disease and the need to stop it.

There are so many great behind the scenes stories from the entertainment industry from a time before social media and what is was like then and a brutally honest look at his life. Author Mark Griffin really did great research to learn all about a man that was taken way before his time.

You can pick up the book in stores now from Harper.

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