Book Review: ‘A Case Of Bier’ Is The Next Fun Bed And Breakfast Novel

Judith McMonigle Flynn is the owner of a B&B in Seattle. She has made arraignments for her neighbors to watch the house and her crazy mother who lives near them. She, her husband Joe, her cousin Renie and her husband Bill are off to the north to the Canadian Rockies. The guys plan on fishing and the girls shopping and relaxing.

The first bad thing to happen is Joe made the wrong hotel accommodations and they have to stay at a different place than they though. Then the Judith and Renie stumble across of a group of people camping out near their hotel on the water. They tell them they are there because the grandfather of the group is dying and they are going to put him on a Bier per his wishes. They are a weird group from Nebraska who are corn farmers.

When they go and visit again they are told he has been murdered and soon the body goes missing. Well Judith and Renie are no strangers to running into murder situations. It’s happened before. They start their own investigation (along with the Mounties) and come across startling clues and situations that just are not right. The more they dig, the weirder it gets.

They soon figure out what’s going on and it may be too late for one or more people.

My first time reading one of May Daheim’s books. It is delightful. Fun characters especially Renie who is constantly hungry and gets downright bitchy if she doesn’t get food (some good LOL moments). The story is easy to read with some good twists and turns.

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, February 12th from William Morrow.

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