Blu-ray Review: ‘Singles’ Is Worth Watching For The Soundtrack

‘Singles’ is director Cameron Crowe’s romantic comedy set around a group of six young people living in Seattle at the height of the grunge rock movement. The film is worth watching just for the soundtrack, which plays like a grunge time capsule, though the movie is a much watch as well.

The film offers an honest and realistic look at how relationships start and how they fall apart by following around the lives of the six singles all sharing a common apartment. Of the six leads only Bridget Fonda and Matt Dillon still garner much recognition, but the performances in the film are good and Crowe’s writing is strong.

‘Singles’ offers a truthful look at what it was to be a teenager in love during the nineties. It is not Crowe’s best work, but it is definitely worth seeing (or rewatching).

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