Blu-ray Review: ‘The Last Ship: The Complete Third Season’

After the shocking ending of season two, season three answers the question of is she alive or dead. Season three finds the crew at a crossroads. The cure is working and Tom Chandler (Eric Dane) has turned over the reigns of the Nathan James to Slattery (Adam Baldwin). When word comes down to President Michener (Mark Moses) there’s an issue with China, the Nathan sets sail for there.

While at a club crew members are kidnapped. When Tom finds out he heads to the Nathan James to personally oversee the rescue and to confront the Chinese and Japanese over their use of the cure. Then it’s a race to save the crew and confront the person responsible for the cure not being used.

At home the President is overthrown and the country made into four equal parts. When one rogue person inside the White House figures out the plans of what is going on, it’s a race for to stop what’s happening in the US as well as in Asia.

Another exciting season of not stop action. You can pick up The Last Ship: The Complete Third Season on Tuesday, May 2.

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