Blu-ray Review: ‘Girls: The Final Season’

After six seasons it was time to say goodbye to our Girls. The final season was like every other season dysfunctional! It all revolved around Hannah. On an assignment in the Hamptons she hooks up with an instructor and finds herself pregnant. She’s torn with what to do with the baby. Ultimately deciding to keep it after finally figuring out her and Adam just will never make it as a couple.

Marnie’s life as usual is a mess. She’s still involved with Desi and his drug issues. Ray is being supportive and thinks maybe they will get back together. He knows this isn’t in the cards and moves on to other things. Shoshanna gets engaged and throws a party but doesn’t invite Hannah (who happens to show up). The girls have an all out talk/breakup and Shosh lets them have it and is moving on with her life.

The last episode is all about Hannah and her attempts to bond with her baby. It’s a heartfelt episode that also involves Marnie. Not sure if it was the perfect ending for the show. Although for a show like this a happy ending for everyone would have been absolutely ridiculous.

You can pick up the final season in stores on Tuesday, July 25.

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