Blu-ray Review: ‘Detroit Rock City’ Is An Entertaining Comedy For KISS Fans

Like KISS? Then you’ve probably already seen ‘Detroit Rock City’. Don’t care for KISS? Then you might still like ‘Detroit Rock City’ though you probably won’t enjoy it as much as a fan.

The film follows four KISS obsessed teens who attempt to scam their way into a KISS concert in 1978. If you have seen the more recent Star Wars themed ‘Fanboys’ this is the same type of film. It is a funny film that can be enjoyed even if you don’t care for KISS, but you can’t help but feel like you’re missing something if you do.

Part of the reason that it is still enjoyable is that despite its KISS obsession the film illustrates a period of music from which we are now somewhat removed. Rock stars were controversial and mysterious. Kids weren’t sure if their idols were really human, and parents were convinced that they worshipped the devil. Rock shows were life-changing experiences.

‘Detroit Rock City’ is not a deep movie, but it is an entertaining comedy. It is a must watch for KISS or heavy metal fans.

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