Blu-ray Review: ‘Best Of Me’

Films based on novels by Nicholas Sparks tend to be the worst kind of predictable. This is not to say that they are bad just that they aim their appeal at a very specific audience with fairly unsurprising results. ‘Best of Me’ is no different.

A pair of former high school sweethearts, Amanda (Michelle Monaghan) and Dawson (James Marsden), reunite after many years apart when they return to visit their small hometown to mourn the passing of a close, mutual friend. Amanda is married but unhappy. She still has feelings for Dawson, but she is not sure that she can forgive him for pushing her away all those years ago.

This is a pretty basic romantic drama. An hour and a half of “will they/won’t they” with a noticeable advantage given to the “will they” side. In terms of romantic dramas, however, this is a pretty trope heavy and cheesy entry even for that genre. The whole thing just feels like it was phoned in. Nothing about the film, the acting, the story, the characters, etc., really grabs a hold of the viewer and demands attention. It is one thing to know where a film is going from the get go; it is quite another to wish it would get there quicker.

The analysis for ‘Best of Me’ is fairly simple. If you like mindless romantic dramas this film will be right up your alley. Otherwise ‘Best of Me’ is definitely not your cup of tea.

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