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Documentary Review: ‘Invisible Hands’

Written and directed by TV journalist Shraysi Tandon, documentary ‘Invisible hands’ looks into the painful, dangerous and a social challenge of the highest order in our world today. Forcing young children to quit their schools under the label of poverty, child labor is a ...Read More

Documentary Review: ‘Family In Transition’

With a perfect title that looks into domain of relationships, sexuality, family life and societal beliefs, documentary ‘Family in transition’ brings a unique tale of two individuals in Israel. Hailing from a small conservative town in the country, both enjoy happy married life with ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘In A Relationship’

A take on modern relationships, friendship, love and commitment, ‘In a relationship’ portrays the reality of what love means today. It touches a common topic but projects it through a novel lens. It deserves the credit of being completely realistic. There is no over ...Read More

Documentary Review: ‘3100: Run And Become’

An inspiring tale with a unique look towards ‘running’ for meditation, peace and happiness, ‘3100: Run and Become’ follows runners who undertake courageous tasks in their life. Revolving around the ‘Self-transcendence 3100 mile race’, it shows how running empowers these individuals with positivity and ...Read More

Documentary Review: ‘Chef Flynn’

Portraying the journey of a young culinary artist Chef Flynn McGarry, this documentary is a treat for the eyes. It takes us through the childhood of an ambitious boy who was interested in preparing different dishes and trying his luck in the kitchen. Rather ...Read More

Documentary Review: ‘Zero Weeks’

Similar in lines to the Vox media documentary series Explained, ‘Zero weeks’ touches its subject with good explanation, engaging narrative, practical experiences and valuable information. Revolving on the topic of paid medical absence, Zero weeks stand for the number of paid holidays offered in ...Read More

Movie Short Review: ‘Dear Chickens’

Short films have an incredible responsibility of conveying their message in a short duration. With aid of excellent acting and powerful message, ‘Dear Chickens’ is one such story with a great impact. Bringing us the tale of courage, confidence and connection, it revolves around ...Read More

Short Film Review: ‘Sacred Hair’

We often link movies to long hours and elaborate depiction. After all, conveying everything the story has to offer demands such long length without any doubt. But short films defy such common conceptions with excellent caliber, creating masterpieces with their powerful story. One such ...Read More