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Movie Review: ‘Blinky Bill’ Is For The Whole Family

A fun-filled movie for the entire family, Blinkly Bill is slated to bring loads of entertainment for its audience. Based on the adventures of the famous ‘Blinkly Bill’ koala from Australia, the movie brings back several wonderful memories of this favorite character. After entertaining ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Is That A Gun In Your Pocket?’

Combine fun, sarcasm, men, women, battle of sexes, gun, confusion and jokes into a single movie and the result is a comical story ‘Is that a gun in your pocket?’ A complete fun-filled entertainer packed with action right till the end, this family based ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘As I Open My Eyes’

Simple movie with a strong impact – ‘As I open my eyes’ is a coming of age tale of a young girl in the country of Tunisia. Revolving around the hurdles of patriarchal society, political unrest, lack of freedom and forceful compromises, the movie ...Read More

Documentary Review: ‘Dancer’ Is Wonderful

A rhythmic tale with elements of dance, passion, talent, fame and emotions – documentary ‘Dancer’ follows the life of ballet dancer ‘Sergei Polunin’. Born and raised in a small town of Ukraine, Sergei practices his passion in different countries across the globe. Labelled as ...Read More