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Documentary Review: ‘Intelligent Lives’

Not fitting into the so-called ‘normal’ mold has been the prime reason of discrimination in our society since the olden times. When young children do not qualify the popular intelligence tests in schools, their failure is classified into intellectual disability leading to loads of ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘MDMA’

Inspired by true events, this movie set in the 80s takes us through the turbulent life of protagonist Angie Wang (Annie Q). As a struggling Chinese-American dealing with troubled childhood, estranged parents and working class economy, Angie sees life a little different than the ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘I Am Not A Witch’

A unique look at the weird concept of witch camps and superstitious beliefs in Ghana and Zambia, movie ‘I am not a witch’ strives to use humor as the background theme. Introducing the audience to novel areas termed as witch camps, Writer-director Rungano Nyoni ...Read More

Documentary Review: ‘Inventing Tomorrow’

As promising as its name, documentary ‘Inventing tomorrow’ is all about making the earth a better place for the future. Taking us through the efforts of enthusiastic teenagers around the globe, it focuses over their ideas, plans, innovations and a strong desire to help ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Luis And The Aliens’

A laughter riot from start to end, this animation movie is just the kind of stress buster you need in an otherwise usual routine. Revolving around the adventures of a little boy Luis and his unbelievable encounter with three aliens, the story is truly ...Read More

Documentary Review: ‘A Whale Of A Tale’

Documentaries bring stories from far and wide. While seated within the comforts of our home, we are able to understand, learn, reflect and entertain ourselves all at once. They are educational and motivational, carrying a strong message that often resonates at some level. One ...Read More

Documentary Review: ’93Queen’

An exceptional piece of inspiration, this documentary is as unique as its name. Revolving around the orthodox Hasidic Jewish community in Brooklyn, the documentary follows their famous ambulance unit. While the Hatzolah voluntary ambulance corps is known for their excellent timely help and medical ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Kings’

Revolving around the 1992 racially sparked riots in LA, movie ‘Kings’ makes a sincere attempt to bring the story to life. Directed by Oscar nominated director ‘Deniz Gamze Erguven’, the movie fails to form any lasting connection with the audience. It turns into a ...Read More