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Movie Review: ‘Kings’

Revolving around the 1992 racially sparked riots in LA, movie ‘Kings’ makes a sincere attempt to bring the story to life. Directed by Oscar nominated director ‘Deniz Gamze Erguven’, the movie fails to form any lasting connection with the audience. It turns into a ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Brothers Of The Wind’

A natural wonder laced with some breathtaking views, amazing effects and a simple tale, ‘Brothers of the wind’ brings the story of a young boy and a bird. As the central character named Lucas forms a bond with a young eagle fallen from its ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘One Last Thing’

Movies are successful only when actors breathe life into their characters. ‘One last thing’ is one such kind of a movie with simple story, yet impactful acting. Actors Wendell Pierce and Jurnee Smollet-Bell have done an incredible job turning the story into an excellent ...Read More

Documentary Review: ‘The Workers Cup’

Following our dreams and doing what we love is life, but it may not necessarily come to us as desired. Getting access to right resources when needed is the real challenge that often takes us away from the coveted prize. In such circumstances how ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Hearts Beat Loud’

A fresh tale on relationships, family, music and passion, movie ‘Hearts Beat Loud’ is a nice change from the usual routine. Excellent acting with real-life essence, this story comes across as simple yet entertaining at the same time. It revolves around a father-daughter duo ...Read More

Documentary Review: ‘Love Always, Mom’

Seldom do documentaries or movies hold your attention for every single moment as they move forward, but this is definitely one of those rare ones. A touching tale of a fighter, survivor, lover, mother and family, documentary ‘Love always, Mom’ holds your attention right ...Read More

Documentary Review: ‘Coming To My Senses’

When destiny and life seem to look the other way, the only thing that works is faith in oneself. Directed by Dominic Gill, this documentary takes us through the ups and downs of life encountered by a strong man Aaron Baker. Adventurous and daring, ...Read More

Documentary Review: ‘Mountain’

If mountains and music are among two of your favorite things, documentary ‘Mountain’ should be your next entertainer pick. Bringing mighty mountains and engaging narration, documentary maker Jennifer Peedom has succeeded in creating an excellent presentation on screen. With support of helicopters, go-pro cameras ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘The Con Is On’

Sarcasm, humor, suspense, strong storyline and talented cast blend together in this latest star-studded comedy movie ‘The Con is on’. Revolving around a high status jewel theft, con scheme and tricks full of status, power and money, this movie is an off-beat entertainer in ...Read More