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Movie Review: ‘The Serengeti Rules’

Nature puts out a spectacular show around us. And those who explore it with patience reveal interesting things hidden deep within. One such documentary that uncovers the hidden magic and brings it to the forefront is ‘The Serengeti Rules’. Based on the book by ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Mia And The White Lion’

There have been several movies depicting special bond between a human and a pet animal, but the movie ‘Mia and the White Lion’ is different for its unique relationship between a little girl and a wild lion. When school going young girl Mia is ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Acres And Acres’

Based on a best-selling novel, movie ‘Acres and Acres’ takes us on an interesting ride from the start. Bringing an emotional tale of a dying mother who refuses to moan her terminal illness, while preparing her husband and two sons to live their life ...Read More

Documentary Review: ‘Baristas’

If you are a loyal and dedicated coffee lover, you will not need this review. Without any second thoughts, go ahead and enjoy this masterpiece that flows in a flawless mode. Like a perfect cup of espresso bringing diverse flavors into a tiny cup, ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Storm Boy’

A beautiful, unique and interesting piece of entertainer, movie ‘Storm Boy’ based on Colin Thiele’s Australian tale introduces us to various unusual bonds of relationship. Set against the backdrop of wonderful ocean in Australia, the movie shows the significance of relating with the nature ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Making Babies’

A perfect entertainer that only keeps getting funnier and funnier, ‘Making babies’ takes us through the journey of a young married couple – Katie and John Kelly. While trying to get pregnant for the last five years since marriage, when there is nothing but ...Read More

Movie Short Review: ‘Peggy’

An interesting insight into American suburban life, short film ‘Peggy’ brings a tale of an over-achieving housewife who has everything under control. From a supportive husband to four beautiful kids, Peggy has everything she needs in life in just the right amount. The film ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Saint Judy’

An inspiring tale of courage, determination and confidence- movie ‘Saint Judy’ is a powerful biopic of immigration attorney Judy Wood. Based in the city of Los Angeles, Judy Wood has been working to represent and protect her cases for several years now. Actress Michelle ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Giant Little Ones’

There is emotion, simplicity, affection, confidence and power in this coming-of-age movie that hits the right notes all along its length. It narrates a powerful tale in a simple setting, while addressing the relevant topics of today’s young generation. With excellent star cast, wonderful ...Read More