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Documentary Review: ‘The Paris Opera’

A behind-the-curtain projection with excellent interplay of music, arts, performers and circumstances- documentary ‘The Paris Opera’ is worth watching for several reasons. While it will definitely appeal the opera fans, it is equally entertaining for other viewers too. Filmmaker Jean-Stephane Bron has done an ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Te Ata’

An inspiring piece of entertainment from the colorful past of Indian tribe, movie ‘Te Ata’ succeeds in its motive to spread positive radiance. Based on a true story, this movie dates back to the yesteryears of the Native American tribe. It takes the audience ...Read More

Documentary Review: ‘The Great Day’

Inspiration, hard work, perseverance and determination overflow in this motivational documentary by filmmaker Pascal Plisson. Underlying the value of education, documentary ‘The Great Day’ has lots of positive aspects. It stresses over education as a tool for development, while taking us through lives of ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘The Tiger Hunter’

Expect loads of humor, perfectly timed jokes, sarcasm, love, friendship and laughter in this fun-filled movie ‘The Tiger hunter’. Slated to release on 22nd September, this Indian-American piece of entertainment is worth watching for several reasons. Based around the late 70s, the story is ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Footnotes’

If you enjoy music, humor and dance blended with little traces of romance, ‘Footnotes’ can be your next entertainment fix. A light-hearted musical comedy revolving around labor and working-class force in France, this movie is quite different from the usual ones of the same ...Read More

Documentary Review: ‘Spettacolo’

Documentary ‘Spettacolo’ brings a unique story from a little town ‘Monticchiello’ in Tuscany, Italy. Slated to release on 6th September, this piece of entertainment is interesting, unique, true and thought provoking at the same time. It presents a unique tradition of ‘self-drama’ or ‘auto-drama’, ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Liza, Liza, Skies Are Grey’

If you admire the Pacific Ocean and love the beautiful coast of California, movie ‘Liza, Liza, Skies are grey’ is a perfect entertainer for you. Set in the yesteryears of late 60s, the movie revolves around the summer of 1966. A period that dealt ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘The Trip To Spain’

If food, travel and comedy are three aspects that appeal to you, upcoming movie ‘The Trip to Spain’ should be your next entertainment fix. Slated to release on August 11th, this travel based entertainer will take you to the beautiful country of Spain. After ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Second Nature’ Is Funny And Entertaining

A totally out-of-the-box movie with hilarious incidences, funny situations and unexpected behavior – ‘Second nature’ is a complete family entertainer. Fueling the man-woman equality war with unique interactions between people, this movie has touched an important topic in a funny light. Comedy, drama, relations, ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘After Love’

Perfect amount of love, anger, emotions, drama and entertainment combine together in an interesting movie for the audience. Slated to release on August 9th, 2017 ‘After Love’ will definitely force you to look at the other side of love. While love and relations sound ...Read More