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Movie Review: ‘7 Minutes’

Many of us probably take time for granted. We wake, go to work, grab a bite or two, maybe spend time with friends or loved ones, go home, go to bed, all the while wasting minutes or even hours on nothing special. But our ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Pernicious’

The word “pernicious” has a few similar meanings: causing insidious harm, deadly, evil. In the movie that carries the name Pernicious, the word is an apt fit for the spirit of a little girl; murdered by her family and out for revenge with almost ...Read More

DVD Review: ‘Cupcakes’ Is Delightful

After watching their country get represented by a less than stellar performance on the international singing competition program “UniverSong” (a parody of the annual “Eurovision Song Contest”) and trying to cheer up a friend who has hit some speed bumps on her life’s journey, ...Read More

DVD Review: ‘The Encounter’

Colin Bastrow (Clint James) is the only known survivor after a weekend camping trip with his wife and friends takes an unbelievable turn for the worse. Thanks to camera footage from multiple sources; including Colin, a couple hunters, and a park ranger named Alice ...Read More

DVD Review: ‘Evangeline’

The dark horror movie Evangeline is about 90 minutes of abuse, torture, death, revenge, and demonic/spiritual possession with a little bit of religion; this is referring to the storyline of the movie, though some may apply to what some audiences feel while watching this ...Read More