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Movie Review: ‘Trust Fund’

“There’s all kinds of opportunities. You just have to choose what you want, and what’s worth waiting for.” This quote is from the pleasantly surprising new film, Trust Fund. It is a mix of romantic and family drama with a little bit of an ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Kill Switch’

An experiment to create virtually unlimited clean energy goes horribly awry and it is up to one man to save the whole universe. Need I say more? Yes? Ok. Kill Switch is a futuristic sci-fi adventure debut from acclaimed writer-director Tim Smit. Part of ...Read More

Movie Review: ’11:55′

Watching the news and the media during the last decade or so, it would be easy to conclude that violence is everywhere and unavoidable. But that just isn’t the case. Violence is easily avoidable even in the face of confrontation. 11:55 is a dramatic ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Beacon Point’

The more I think about Beacon Point, the more irritated I become. The synopsis I read called it a “highly-anticipated science-fiction thriller”. I love sci-fi, but if Beacon Point is science-fiction, then Hunger Games is a comedy. I’ll give it credit as a thriller, ...Read More