‘America: Facts vs. Fiction: Bonus Round’ Preview Saturday On American Heroes Channel


New Episodes Premiere Saturdays at 10/9c
History as we generally know it is full of half-truths and a mother lode of juicy details have been lost, distorted, covered up or simply ignored along the way. Hosted by former Naval officer and actor Jamie Kaler, AMERICA: FACTS VS. FICTION: BONUS ROUND uncovers the surprising hidden facts behind the most familiar and beloved stories from our nation’s past.

Tales of Sea and Sky premieres Saturday, May 7 at 10/9c Jamie exposes the truth behind the history on the high seas and we take wing to separate myth from truth about the nation’s pioneering aviators.

Engineering America premieres Saturday, May 14 at 10/9c In this episode, learn the truth behind the myths that surround our most revered patriotic symbols. And, Jamie unveils the surprising facts of two great feats of engineering: the Panama Canal and the Transcontinental Railroad.

Saluting the Truth premieres Saturday, May 21 at 10/9c Jamie reveals the startling truth of two legendary generals, George Patton and Ulysses S. Grant. And, get a reality check on the Roaring Twenties and Lawless Thirties.

Striking in Rich premieres Saturday, May 28 at 10/9c Discover the real facts behind America’s biggest economic boom and biggest bust. And, Jamie debunks some of Las Vegas’ greatest myths.

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